Diflucan Generic

Diflucan is a trade name for Fluconazole, which is a broad spectrum drug used in the treatment of fungal infections. Basically, Diflucan works by changing the cellular membrane. It makes the membrane to be more permeable, which thereby encourages the elements that fungi need to grow to leak out. This is what makes it effective in combating different conditions that result from fungal infections.

One of the most damaging types of fungi is Yeast, which results in serious infections that can affect the sufferers severely. There are different kinds of yeast infections, some of which are fatal.

Diflucan is one of the widely used drugs in the treatment of yeast infections. The following are some of the complications that the drug is used to treat.

Toe nail fungus

If you have sensitive nails, you will be more susceptible to suffering from toe nail fungus. If this happens, your toes will become flaky, brittle, and discoloured. The affected nails become distorted, resulting in a very unpleasant appearance, not to mention the discomfort.

If you have tried other medications to treat the condition without success, you can try using Diflucan. You should give this drug ample time to work, however, as it works relatively slowly. In addition to using the drug, you should follow basic hygiene rules. For example, you should keep the affected toe nail dry and clean to discourage the outgrowth of fungi. You should also cut off any chipped nails. Ensure that you wear socks and shoes that will encourage air circulation.


This is the common name for what is medically known as vaginal candidiasis. Depending on the extent of the yeast infection, the sufferer can suffer from mild discomfort and irritation or get extreme pain that makes it nearly impossible to walk.

Diflucan is used to check the growth of Candida albicans, which is the fungus that causes the disease. The fungus thrives well in moist and warm areas. While it is naturally found in the body, some conditions may result in an overgrowth, which then results in disease.

Diflucan tablet is usually administered locally to the affected area. However, if the infection is more serious, the patient can swallow Diflucan tablets for about a week. In addition to using Diflucan, you should take necessary measures to correct the acidic imbalance in the body, which encourages the development of the disease.

You should stick with your medication and ensure that you complete the prescribed dose to effect complete cure. This is important even when you feel that you are already better. You should also not give up just after a few days of treatment, as the drug will require some time to work well.

Diflucan has a number of side effects, among of which are exhaustion, lack of concentration, and dizziness. Seek medical advice whenever you begin to suffer from any side effects. In extreme cases, the drug may cause convulsions and seizures. It is also known to cause some allergic reactions.

You should therefore seek medical advice before you start using Diflucan.